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Apple's branding strategy by rpraveenrpraveen, 03 Nov 2008 06:32

Read this interesting blog by Steve Tobak where he talks about the role of Marketing and Branding Strategy for the success of any organization.

Link to the Blog

Needless to say, most companies are reeling under the challenges of the economic downturn.

How is it affecting the marketing departments and product and marketing strategies of various companies?
Marketing budgets are shrinking, and demand is dwindling.

Companies are faced with the challenge of what to sell, how to sell, and how to run an operation profitably, only too harshly this time.
The time to react is short. So, please share your thoughts on what your company, or any other company that you know is doing,
specifically in the marketing department to counter this.

Marketing in tough times... by VenkitsVenkits, 28 Oct 2008 17:26

The NPR Marketplace article is about how Bible Illuminated is marketing their new edition of the all time best seller - The Holy Bible - to new audiences.
Read and listen to the article here

The target market for this new edition of the Bible is described as "the iPod-toting, compulsive texting, Facebook crowd".

Enjoy reading.

Share your thoughts!

Marketing the Holy Bible by VenkitsVenkits, 28 Oct 2008 17:21

I found this interesting article on WSJ which talks about common mistakes or wrong strategies adopted by Marketing professionals.

To me, this felt like a recap of Marketing 551. The topics discussed sound so basic that I find it hard to believe that experienced marketing professionals working for great companies can go wrong with these!

Any further thoughts?

Marketing Network organized a Speed Mentoring event on the 10th Oct 2008, at the California Mission Room, Benson Center, SCU. Six eminent mentors joined the event to provide guidance to the participants and to answer their questions on various functions of Sales and Marketing. We would like to hear your feedback and suggestions about this event.

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