The SCU MBA Marketing Network was founded to provide Santa Clara University's graduate business community with a channel for enhancing knowledge, enriching the student experience and expanding one's network of peers, faculty, alumni and other business professionals within the field of marketing.

The MBA Marketing Network wants to deliver significant value to all its members. We believe that when people, especially MBA students join a club or a network voluntarily, we owe it to them to give them significant returns of their time. In this regard, our aim to further three important objectives:

1. Information

The Marketing Network aims to share and exchange information about the various aspects of marketing. This helps our members learn more and be aware of new developments and current trends.

2. Networking

Isn’t marketing all about knowing people and the right people? Well, at least a little bit so. The marketing network aims to bring people who are interested in marketing closer together. This involves interaction between members as well as interaction between members and marketing professionals from the industry. Last but certainly not the least our networking focused events are fun events where you can unwind after a hectic quarter.

3. Careers

We know that the primary reason why most students choose to join an MBA program is to further their career prospects in a field of their choice. So for all those individuals interested in making it big in the marketing space, the Marketing Network provides timely information about job openings/internships and organizes career-oriented events. Events may include career fairs and talks by recruitment agencies.

You can become a part of our network by simply joining the MN Yahoo Group. This will keep you informed about upcoming events and other announcements. And of course, attending the events is the probably the easiest way of getting the most out of your network membership. If you would like to be more actively involved by say organizing events, getting guest speakers etc. then we strongly encourage you to consider becoming an MN officer. If you are interested in becoming an officer or just have some ideas that you would like to share with us please send us an email at moc.spuorgoohay|sreciffonm#moc.spuorgoohay|sreciffonm.

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